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Wigmore Medical

Wigmore Medical


Impromptu Solutions Limited, London, UK

Wigmore Medical is the customized Portal for Orders & Training with Special Offers & Exclusive Prices. It allows doctors and hospitals to register online through secured process, verification of accounts and manage their users, patients & prescriptions. It allows users to see upcoming training courses, events and book training online.

This solution emphasizes a strong focus on auto-integration of existing customers of Wigmore and manages the ordering process through an online portal for different medical professionals.

Wigmore Medical is perfect example of healthcare digital solution. It helps medical professionals to go digital & manage process online.

Project Requirements:

Wigmore didn’t have any online portal for registration and order. They were taking registration and orders offline or on phone. So, for every small order or every amends in account details, they called and interacted with customer services.

Project Solution:

Harrier developed a MS .Net MVC, and Sitefinity based platform having following features.

  • Customers can manage their contacts, users, patients and orders online without any manual interaction with customer services
  • Integration with Khaos database, existing customers and product database, of Wigmore
  • Automate data sync for old customer data with online portal for ordering, contacts and patient management
  • Provides facility to order products online by eliminating manual order placement by interaction with customer services
  • Role-wise access to customer portal and admin portal for different work areas
  • Ability to promote and demote company type based on practitioners and other users
  • Manage training details and booking data

Key Features:

Automated data pulling from Khaos for existing customers

Keep data in sync with offline system

Provision for practices to add different medical professional and purchase Rx, optional and prohibited products accordingly

Pass ordering basket to Prescribers for approval

Provision to Super Admin to associate other admin Users to different work areas

Challenges & Solutions:

Use of Sitefinity with MVC was one of the major challenges. For each and every customized page or functionality, new widget has to be created in Sitefinity

Real time product category and prices synchronization from Khaos to online portal

Sitefinity was not directly allowing custom, claim-based authentication of user. For this we had to compulsorily use sitefinity user based authentication

Technology Environment:

SQL Server 2014, ASP.Net MVC, C#, HTML/CSS, IIS 7.0, AJAX, JavaScript, Jquery

Team Size:



About 1.5 yr This project emphasizes a strong focus on auto-integration of existing customer of Wigmore and manages the ordering process through an online portal for different medical professionals.

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