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Communication, Feedback and Engagement app

Communication, Feedback and Engagement app


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Project Requirements:

The client wanted to develop a mobile solution to digitize the school diary for instant communication between teachers and parents while maintaining visibility for school management on communication for compliance purpose.

Project Solution:

CFE – Communication, Feedback and Engagement app for schools digitizes the school diary in a mobile app as a cloud based software as a service for parents of kids studying in schools or colleges. The app has following key features.

Key Features:

School calendar: school calendar with various planned events and holidays is handy always

Class time table: class timetable of a student is always available on the app for parents to check when required

Notifications: instant notification about various events with attachment.

Chat: One-to-one and one-to-many chat between teacher and parents – teacher or parent can initiate chat sessions with each other for interaction on a specific topic or subject

Home Work & Project Assignments: Teacher can send homework and project assignments to a group of students

Attendance: Teacher can take attendance in the class with mobile app and parents get instant notifications if a child is absent in the class.

Add Children: Parent can also add children from different schools

Multilanguage: The app can be operated in English, Marathi and Hindi

Major Challenges:

Implementing instant notifications using Google cloud firebase service

Populating existing data of students and parents into the system


As a first step, we developed a proof-of-concept for notifications using clod-based Google Firebase service to make sure that it is reliable and work as desired. Once convinced, we developed the rest of the app with REST API calls between the mobile app and the server side components. To address the data upload issue, we developed a standard file format for schools to provide student’s information to be populated in the system initially. In case a school fails to provide the data in standard format, we convert it into standard format and import in the database.

Technology Environment:

Android, Node.js, Express.js, Angular.js, MongoDB, AWS S3, Google Firebase

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