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GovEVA Corporate Governance Solution

GovEVA Corporate Governance Solution


Intuit Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

GovEVA is a combination of a Software platform plus senior Consulting services to enhance an organization’s Corporate Governance levels, leading to accelerated and tangible Economic Value Add. GovEVA also automates and e-enables all the foundational secretarial compliance requirements.

Project Requirements:

Listed companies desire to improve their Corporate Governance but have limitation of either resources, know-how, or time.

Project Solution:

The GovEVA solution is targeted to help such companies improve their Governance score by first evaluating their current Governance score and then systematically defining road-map to improve it.

Key Features:

Seamless integration with Compliance engine, and GEM – eBoard meeting solution from Intuit Consulting.


Extremely tough timelines: The team worked very hard and smart to deliver the solution

Complex assessment mechanism: The assessment mechanism is very complex. The Harrier team defined a very configurable and flexible solution to achieve this

Integration with chat service

Consumption and distribution of external data feed to clients

The Solution Architecture:

The solution is based on MEAN (MongoDB, Enpress.js, Angular and Node.js) stack with two major components, with secured exchange of master data

  • GovEVA Master: A component responsible for maintaining all master entities. It is built up of Web based UI, web APIs and the database
  • GovEVA Client: A component responsible for maintaining all client specific entities. It is built up of Web based UI, a web API layer and the database

Technology Environment:

NodeJS, ExpressJS, AngularJS, MongoDB.

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