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HNI – Success Story

HNI – Success Story


HNI Corporation is a family of leading brands providing products and services for the office and home. HNI was founded in 1944 in Muscatine, Iowa. Traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HNI), HNI goes to market with multiple segment-leading brands united by a common vision, all sharing a dedication to quality, integrity and continuous improvement.



The Problem:

With global lockdown and work-from-home becoming the norm, the client wanted to switch to B2C model from B2B while still leveraging their existing dealer network across India.

The Solution:

We have designed the web just like they want and added all the features of an eCommerce website needs. Added validation and product access according to the Pincode location search feature. This will help them to show the product of the particular location and for the vendor product as well. We have provided all the configuration to handle the Coupons/Discount, Product delivery and to manage cart products so that they can change it by themselves from time to time.

AWS delivers great customer experience and Harrier acutely use AWS cloud technology for HNI to create seamless eCommerce platform.

Key Features:

Product search by Pincode of any location.

Product detail page zoom effect.

Prices and amount of product calculation by the installation type(DIY/HNI).

Coupon/Discount applies to the product price.

Product Delivery choice in the cart.

Mini cart feature so that customer can view his cart while shopping.

Integrated Cashfree payment gateway which accepts all type of payments and automatically transfers vendor payment to their accounts.

The Solution Architecture :

As per the client requirement, they need the eCommerce platform ASAP. We have provided the fastest solution by developing the website with the Joomla CMS so that they can configure any changes by their own in the future. For providing better e-commerce website full proof we have used Hikashop plugin for creating orders and adding it into the cart other features. As per the requirement, we have to manage the multiple vendors and their products for a particular location as a pin code. For this implementation and development of the system, we have used Hikamarket multivendor plugin. We have built custom code with the help of the plugins to meet the requirement. Provided payment gateway which is Cashfree payment gateway it is not available in the Joomla payment gateway plugin. For this, we have developed a payment gateway code with the integration of Cashfree payment gateway in PHP and added into the custom payment gateway plugin. Cashfree is used to accept all the types of payment from customer and transfer it to the vendor account directly. For this, we have integrated vendor split payment code provided by Cashfree.

Technology Environment:

Joomla! 3.9.19 Stable, PHP 7.3.15, Mysql 8.0.18, Hikashop 4.3.0, Hikamarket 3.1.0, Core PHP, Jquery, Javascript, Html and CSS.

Challenges & Solutions:

To manage multiple vendors and their production served on a particular location so that customer can buy it. We have used Hikamarket multi-vendor plugin in Joomla.

As the e-commerce website has a coupon and discount codes are available but to add delivery charges with tax was challenging in hikashop. So we built the custom GST calculation on it and provided the solution.

Integration of design and making it responsive to the mobile view to match their other website.

It was a challenge to integrate the Cashfree payment gateway with Joomla as there is no such payment gateway plugin available. We have developed the PHP code with the integration of Cashfree payment gateway and it is called from the custom plugin so that it will connect securely with the payment gateway.

Team Size:

7 [Delivery Manager, Project Lead, UI Designer, Joomla and PHP Developer, Testing and QA, Backend data/information upload, Server/Hosting/AWS/Domain/Licenses ].

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