Harrier Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. (CIN.:-U72200MH2004PTC145816) specializes in providing perfect software solutions for the global financial services and Healthcare industries.

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Shanti Plaza, Harihar Nagar, Besa, Nagpur - 440 037

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G-3, Amar Palace, Dhantoli, Nagpur - 440012

Business Phone

91-712- 6602104

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2nd Floor, 145-157 St.John Street, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 4PY

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Av. de la transición Española 24, Piso 5. Alcobendas, Madrid. 28108, Spain


Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Being responsible to the clients... and to the society too!

Harrier, since its inception, has been involved in various social responsibility activities.

Currently Harrier is supporting the following social activities:

Satpuda Foundation

Satpuda Foundation is an NGO working in Wildlife & Forest conservation in central India. Nagpur, being the Tiger Capital of Asia has six Tiger Reserves around it. The Satpuda Foundation was formed with the specific aim of protecting wildlife, conducting research to support conservation and educating sections of society about the short and long-term benefits of protecting the Satpuda region, which is probably the world's largest remaining tiger habitat. To know more you can visit  www.satpuda.org.


To promote the Nagpur city, Harrier is involved with Nagpur-First Charitable Trust.

Nagpur First (NF) is a group of enthusiastic people who were born, raised, educated or worked in Nagpur, (Maharashtra, India) and hence love Nagpur and are popularly called as Nagpurians. Currently they may or may not live in Nagpur, but would like to help, support and contribute towards Nagpur city's growth and development. The basic idea of Nagpur First is to help, support and contribute towards Nagpur City's growth and development. Towards this goal any and all legal, ethical and moral ways and means will be employed.

Nagpur-First has recently started its activities by seeking help of all persons from the city, like NMC Commissioner, Businessmen & Industrialists, Social workers, Media, etc. To know more you can visit  www.nagpurfirst.org.

Plantation drive

Harrier has undertaken a plantation drive to plant various trees around its office area at Besa, Nagpur. Over 1000 trees have been planted so far in the precincts and nearby area. To increase the bio-diversity, multiple varieties of trees have been planted.

All team members of Harrier enjoy the volunteer work in the above activities.

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