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Power BI Consulting and Analytics Solutions

To help businesses capitalize on the potential of Microsoft Power BI and make data-driven decisions, Power BI consulting services have emerged as a must for business organizations. From data integration to dashboard creation and optimizing operations, Power BI consulting assists businesses in harnessing the power of data analytics for better performance and improved decision making. Power BI collects, analyzes, and visualizes data and turns it into valuable insights and drives Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions. Harrier offers Power BI consultant to maximize the value of your data.

Business Intelligence

If you can measure (and ANALYZE ) it, you can manage it!

Business Intelligence

Data is New SOil!

Harrier offers Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions by using Microsoft Power BI. Analyze your data intelligently with rich visuals and make your business decisions more effectively. You can also share the reports and visuals online, real time! It allows you to fetch your data from as good as 59 data sources no matter where your data is available, in almost any format. We will make it alive with rich visuals to give you more insights about your business!

Business Intelligence

Data Intelligence:

Harrier offers Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions by using Microsoft Power BI, High Charts and Tableau. Analyze your data intelligently with rich visuals and make your business decisions more effectively. You can also share the reports and visuals online, real time!

Power BI

What is the biggest challenge faced by companies today?

Data gets generated by various departments in your organization But, if it isn't utilized appropriately, you won't be able to arrive at precise business decisions. Data has to presented, shared and analyzed to transform it into business information that will set your organization on the growth trajectory.
Harrier is the best Power BI service provider who assists organizations to uncover insights hidden in their data and enlarge data exploration.

Do you have a tool to do this? Yes, Power BI lets you do all of this with ease and accuracy.


What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence software that pulls in wide range of data from diverse sources to facilitate organizing, analyzing, visualizing and sharing that data in a user-friendly way across your organization.

The data that gets pulled through this intelligence tool is in the form of compelling visualizations and interactive reports. All the database is streamed to a single dashboard where you can create, update and share reports that give a clear idea of the business and work progress.

Since it is user-friendly, it allows even a non tech savvy individual to use and benefit from it. Power BI operates and works with end user in mind.
Power BI transforms data into useful information that can be further used by your team to take critical business decisions.
Power BI gives a bird's eye view of the key business drivers in an interactive, compelling customized visuals that are shareable and accessible to your entire team (with permission). These interactive visuals are regularly updated through API integration.

Why Choose Harrier for Power BI Services?

  • We design and create reports and dashboards that are customized to specific needs.
  • We provide accurate guidance and technical support to your team about Power BI to ensure seamless adoption and transition.
  • Our team helps to make API connections so that they can pull out relevant data to give a comprehensive picture of the business.

Our Power BI expertise

  • Once the Power BI is set up, Harrier Information System will assist in utilizing its features across the business. We ensure that you generate comprehensive and accurate business information by regularly adding data and reports to the platform.
  • Training is an important aspect of implementing Power BI so that key team members of your organization can pull reports and completely engage in the platform. This is possible only through proper user training so that it becomes user friendly in the true sense.

The Business Benefits of Power BI


Cohesive platform

It provides a single platform for huge data to be saved and pulled out whenever needed. You can access data irrespective of its form or where it is saved. When Power BI is implemented it gives a holistic view and a cohesive platform to save and access vital business metrics.

In works with Windows, iOS and Android to give access to all your data no matter where you are by eliminating duplicate content.

Gives a detailed insight of your company

Manually generating reports is cumbersome and time consuming. It is susceptible to errors as well. But, with Power BI all the information is consolidated across various departments / systems to give a comprehensive view of various aspects of business, like customer service, production, finance, inventory, sales, marketing and much more.

Power BI gives instant access to dashboard that provide KPIs and vital company information through which you can monitor changes. This leads to taking profitable decisions by capitalizing new opportunities.


Curate customized content

You can create and publish content in the form of reports, dashboards and datasets. This can be accessible to your team or all the business departments. Custom reports give a personalized view of the most vital part of the business that triggers timely business decisions leading to growth.


BI can generate multiple page reports from a single data set allowing to filter in many ways, highlight and divide the information. Depending on the permission that team members have, they can have a look at tables, values and fields. It comes with a flexibility of being accessed on the desktop, web and mobile services.


Empowered decision making

Power BI along with existing applications can publish and share reports easily whenever and where ever they are needed. This empowers decision making as all the vital information is at the disposal of the decision makers.

Leads to higher productivity

Quite often the data available is so scattered that collecting, channelizing and presenting it in a simple manner is tough. Based on these incomplete and inconsistent data, some decisions are taken, which are not profitable. Power BI lets you collaborate with different stakeholders of the company to bring in a comprehensive view and accurate data to boost overall productivity.


Cloud integration

The team can pull data from various places like Excel, SQL databases or from cloud services like Azure, Google Analytics, Oracle, etc. All the data is placed on the cloud, which provides security and easy accessibility and an additional backup.

Recent Projects


Portfolio Analytics

Harrier developed a Web based 3-tier application by customizing Harrier Stockpile Portfolio analytics component to best suit the requirements. The system provides performance and attribution analysis for mutual fund schemes.

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GovEVA is a combination of a software platform and senior consulting services to enhance an organization's corporate governance levels, leading to accelerated and tangible Economic Value Addition.

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Surveillance Database Automation

This is a Web-based 3-tier system for surveillance of structured financed deals rated by the client. The system has front-end as a desktop application and business logic residing in .Net web services deployed with data stored in MS SQL Server database. The client application used FarPoint spread control for user interface similar to MS Excel.

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India Ratings and Research

Harrier worked closely with the client to design an architecture for the new web application. The old website had lot of reports and other important content from years that needed to migrate to a new website with an accurate management. The website was frequently updated with new data such as, reports, market news, etc. with everything being displayed on the website.

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Analytical Work Center

Harrier analyzed the scope and necessity for the solution and created an organized structure based on the requirements. The most important aspect is that the system requires continuous communication to clients and end user feedback on each step, with user experience at its best. A salient feature of the solution is the efficiency and accuracy of data presentation.

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Corporate Governance Score Dashboard

Harrier developed web-based solution with optimization for large datasets while processing the file and displays the data for comparison of various parameters in different conditions. We overcome this challenge with optimized database queries and normalized database design.

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Portfolio Analytics

The system provides performance and attribution analysis for mutual fund schemes across the Kotak Group, along with tracking of their financial ratios and valuation parameters. The aim is to have a consolidated and universal view across the entire spectrum, and to track and attribute the performance characteristics.

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Harrier developed a cloud based analytical tool that captures remuneration details of CEOs and directors for over 650 companies. The data provided in ComPAYre can be used to track the compensation, pay and performance and ESOPS details of directors.

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