Harrier Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. (CIN.:-U72200MH2004PTC145816) specializes in providing perfect software solutions for the global financial services and Healthcare industries.

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A leading corporate governance advisory firm providing corporate advisory services, independent opinion, research and data on corporate governance issues as well as voting recommendations on shareholder resolutions.

Project Requirements:

Investors or companies or market participants always find it very difficult to find resolutions, outcomes and voting data in public domain. This data is mostly in pdf formats, not databased, can’t be compared easily and is not searchable.

Project Solution:

Harrier developed a cloud based analytical tool that provides packaged data that can be used to track investor reactions and market trends. This allow users to gain insights on how investors view specific issues and gain greater predictability regarding how they might vote on similar shareholder resolutions.

ADRIAN's data repository includes:

Notices and explanatory statements.

IiAS voting recommendations.

Voting outcomes.

Investor and category wise voting data.

Rationale provided by institutional investors (mutual funds) while voting on resolutions.

Key Features:

Unique: Only source of searchable investor voting data.

Simple: Easy to use and intuitive.

Powerful: Multiple search and analytical capabilities.

Cloud-Based: Always synced with the latest data on the Internet cloud.

Always New: Constant updates. Constant upgrades. Already has notices of over 2400 shareholder meetings, outcomes for over 1700 meetings over three years and mutual fund rationales for over 1000 shareholder meetings.

Comprehensive: Over 650 companies, representing over 90% of market- cap.

Flexible: Resolutions are tagged by section number under the new and old Companies Act and by category i.e. company name, investor name, resolution type (remuneration, director appointments, related party transactions etc.).

Voting Patterns: Data on how promoters, institutional investors and retail investor vote.

Major Challenges:

Fetching large data from database was taking too long time while searching. We overcome this with effective query optimization and data caching that ultimately reduce the overall fetching time.

Collection and collaboration of meeting outcomes and mutual fund data.

Comparative data validation.

Technology Environment:

ASP.Net Framework 4.5.1, MVC 4, SQL Server 2014

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