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Digital Parenting for safety of children

Wranga Success Story


Wranga Technologies is a startup that helps parents decide what content on various OTT channels is safe for kids to watch and consume.


With so many videos and apps available online on mobile devices easily, kids are exposed to all types of content on their mobile devices with hardly any control and guidance on what is safe for them to consume and what should be avoided. The idea came when nephew of a co-founder told him that he watched the movie Mirzapur on his phone (the movie is full of violence, nudity, foul language, scenes with alcohol consumption and smoking)!


Harrier developed the Web based 3 tier applications and a hybrid mobile app using Flutter, for the solution.

Wranga app for safe digital parenting helps parents decide what digital content is safe for our kids to consume online. The app is available on Android at  https://lnkd.in/eE4HTXv6 and on iOS at  https://lnkd.in/eBvEXEQg .

The system has following features :

Key Features:

Using AI/ML for scanning the videos and rating the content on various parameters.

The system rates the videos and apps on the parameters like nudity, foul language, violence, smoking, alcohol consumption etc, on a scale of 5 and allows parents to take an informed decision.

Major Challenges and Solutions

Training AI model to process videos and rate the content on various parameters. We trained the models using hundreds of thousands of images, for better accuracy, and used various models for scanning the videos using AWS compute infrastructure and rate the content and save the rating in the database.

Technology Environment:

MySQL, AI/ML models, Python, Node.js, Flutter, REST APIs, PHP

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