Harrier Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. (CIN.:-U72200MH2004PTC145816) specializes in providing perfect software solutions for the global financial services and Healthcare industries.

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Offshore Software Development
and Maintenance

Offshore Software Development and Maintenance

Harrier is a leading Offshore Outsourcing Software Development Company that helps clients develop customized software solutions to reach their goals. Our team understands the use of latest trends like Cloud computing, Automation, AI, DevOps, and Agile frameworks in the software development cycle. To address the growing needs of companies worldwide, we train our manpower with varied industry expertise. Choose Harrier as your offshore development partner and keep work transparent, seamless, and synchronized.

Our offshore development services include server-based application development, database solutions, web application development, wireless solutions, system integration and migration, open source integration and development, and cloud solutions. Apart from developing acute software architecture and flawless interface, we also provide offshore software maintenance and consulting services to keep your product or services in their best shape. In our ongoing maintenance service, we will integrate the software with recent features and technologies.

Why choose Harrier for offshore software development services?

  • Cost-effective software solutions
  • Reliable and skilled management
  • Dynamic and always improving software team
  • Secure and robust structural design

Why Offshore Development Centre in Nagpur , India?

  • Potential savings of 29% by basing ODC with Harrier at Nagpur compared to a Vendor in Mumbai.
  • Enabled by emergence of Nagpur as a low cost IT sourcing destination
    • Easy access to resources
    • Comparatively low cost of living attracting talent back home
    • Easy access from Mumbai and rest of the country; cost of travel is almost the same compared to Pune
  • Strong Domain experience of Harrier and added advantage
  • Differentiated models for Development and Maintenance
  • Success Stories
  • Innovative Engagement Models

Have a look at our office infrastructure at Nagpur , India:

Management philosophy:

  • Focus on key accounts only
  • Focus on Quality vs Quantity; Vision is not to be an Organization with thousands of people or even hundreds
  • Evolution of a new development philosophy - "Customer intuitive"
  • Maintenance & Support using the philosophy "Fix it once and for all"
  • Dedicated Program Manager with more than 10+ years experience
  • Option to run a mix mode program (Managed + Staff augmentation)


  • Meeting the requirement of Rich User Interface, perfect to pixel was a big challenge. This was overcome by involving client and developing the interface as per their specifications. Use of JQuery to achieve better user interface and animation effects.
  • Developing the Customized Pop up was difficult and was achieved after multiple rework and research in JQuery.
  • Picture comparison for comparing the pre and post procedure images. Using JQuery and research helped in accomplishing this.

Agile Development Philosophy:

Customer intuitive

  • If business knows clearly what needs to be done -> Waterfall
  • If business needs to evolve what they really want -> Agile
  • Stress on usability - making it convenient for all actors
  • Collaborative approach - not build in isolation; build together
  • Build for the future - keep flexibility as much as possible

Maintenance & Support ("Fix it once and for all"):

Customer intuitive

  • Not about SLAs
  • Fix once and not have to redo it again
  • Add new features, enhancements to provide better value
  • Providing new ideas of how the business process can be supported better
  • Recycle savings in effort to add more applications to portfolio
  • Optimize resource allocation; leverage same resource over multiple applications

Modern facilities with growth potential:

  • Offsite development centre over MPLS connectivity
    1. Secured connectivity
    2. Keep data and source code onsite
    3. Team offsite at a reasonable cost location like Nagpur
  • Revenue sharing for Product development
    1. Limited upfront investment for product development
    2. Leverage your brand to market productized financial tools/apps
    3. Shared risk and rewards
  • Cost +
    1. For larger, long term contracts (minimum 20 developers for 1 year)
    2. Dedicated low-cost development centre

Why Nagpur

Being a second capital of Maharashtra after Mumbai City, the City carries a skilled Manpower for all engineering streams. With strong political presence and being centrally located it is well connected to all metro cities of India.

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