Offshore Development Centre

Why Offshore Development Centre in Nagpur , India?

  • Potential savings of 29% by basing ODC with Harrier at Nagpur compared to a Vendor in Mumbai
  • Enabled by emergence of Nagpur as a low cost IT sourcing destination
    • Easy access to resources
    • Comparatively low cost of living attracting talent back home
    • Easy access from Mumbai and rest of the country; cost of travel is almost the same compared to Pune
  • Strong Domain experience of Harrier and added advantage
  • Differentiated models for Development and Maintenance
  • Success Stories
  • Innovative Engagement Models

Have a look at our office infrastructure at Nagpur, India:

Management philosophy

  • Focus on key accounts only
  • Focus on Quality vs Quantity; Vision is not to be an Organization with thousands of people or even hundreds
  • Evolution of a new development philosophy - "Customer intuitive"
  • Maintenance & Support using the philosophy "Fix it once and for all"
  • Dedicated Program Manager with more than 10+ years experience
  • Option to run a mix mode program (Managed + Staff augmentation)

Agile Development Philosophy

Customer intuitive

  • If business knows clearly what needs to be done -> Waterfall
  • If business needs to evolve what they really want -> Agile
  • Stress on usability - making it convenient for all actors
  • Collaborative approach - not build in isolation; build together
  • Build for the future - keep flexibility as much as possible

Maintenance & Support ("Fix it once and for all")

  • Not about SLAs
  • Fix once and not have to redo it again
  • Add new features, enhancements to provide better value
  • Providing new ideas of how the business process can be supported better
  • Recycle savings in effort to add more applications to portfolio
  • Optimize resource allocation; leverage same resource over multiple applications

Modern facilities with growth potential

Offsite development centre over MPLS connectivity

  • Secured connectivity
  • Keep data and source code onsite
  • Team offsite at a reasonable cost location like Nagpur

Revenue sharing for Product development

  • Limited upfront investment for product development
  • Leverage your brand to market productized financial tools/apps
  • Shared risk and rewards

Cost +

  • For larger, long term contracts (minimum 20 developers for 1 year)
  • Dedicated low-cost development centre

Why Nagpur

Being a second capital of Maharashtra after Mumbai City, the City carries a skilled Manpower for all engineering streams. With strong political presence and being centrally located it is well connected to all metro cities of India.
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