Harrier Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. (CIN.:-U72200MH2004PTC145816) specializes in providing perfect software solutions for the global financial services and Healthcare industries.

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Fintech Solutions

Fintech Service Provider

Financial services industry has always been on the forefront of using technology for optimizing business outcomes. It is being further transformed with digital technologies to reinvent the business model. Harrier provides financial software development services ranging from data integration into existing platforms to creation of custom FinTech solutions for clients globally.

Harrier has always focused on delivering solutions for the global financial services industry since our inception in 2004. We started as a product company with a product for developing and maintaining stock market indices.

Harrier is helping several finTech startups and incumbents to lead this transformation with digital solutions across areas like Payments, Remittances, Lending, Credit Reporting, Credit Rating, Mutual funds, Fixed-income broking, KYC, Compliance, Governance and Banking, globally. We use the right combination of cutting edge technologies like cloud computing, mobility, business analytics, and AI to deliver a solution that enables our clients to disrupt business models in the financial services industry, so that they can lead the transformation of the industry.

Blockchain technology is the beginning of a new era in the global financial services market. It ensures Decentralized Trustless Transactions and hence the entire network of the fintech industry can optimize with Blockchain that transforms the digital finance industry completely.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a data structure that makes it possible to create a digital ledger of transactions and share it among a distributed network of computers. It uses cryptography to allow each participant on the network to manipulate the ledger in a secure way without the need for a central authority. It also called Distributed Ledger Technology.

How blockchain works?

Once a block of data is recorded on the blockchain ledger, it’s extremely difficult to change or remove. When someone wants to add to it, participants in the network — all of which have copies of the existing blockchain — run algorithms to evaluate and verify the proposed transaction. If a majority of nodes agree that the transaction looks valid — that is, identifying information matches the blockchain’s history — then the new transaction will be approved and a new block added to the chain.

We offer development of following Use Cases of blockchain technology, using Ethereum.....

  • Payments on blockchain
  • NCDs as smart contracts using blockchain
  • Loans as smart contracts for banks/NBFCs
  • Trade finance as smart contract between involved parties

Ethereum – It is a foundational general-purpose cryptocurrency platform that is a Turing-complete virtual machine (it can run any coin, script, or cryptocurrency project). Instead of being a blockchain, or a protocol running over a blockchain, or a metaprotocol running over a protocol like other projects, Ethereum is a fundamental underlying infrastructure platform that can run all blockchains and protocols, like a unified universal development platform.

Each full node in the Ethereum network runs the Etherium Virtual Machine for a seamless distributed program (smart contract execution). Etherium is the underlying blockchain-agnostic, protocol-agnostic platform for application developers to write smart contracts that can call multiple other blockchains, protocols, and cryptocurrencies. Ethereum has its own distributed ecosystem.

When do you need our FinTech solutions?

FinTech solutions leverage digital technologies to siege opportunities to reimagine existing business processes using digital technologies, and Harrier has delivered several of these solutions to our clients globally.

Recent Projects

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) at Derivium Tradition

We rapidly developed a system to automate the process end-to-end from lead generation, KYC, customer onboarding and compliance to enable remote working of the operations, during the pandemic.

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Derivium Tradition

The sudden shift of the working environment added stress for both employer and employees. Harrier has provided the ultimate solution to Derivium, where their employees are able to work remotely to keep the services uninterrupted during the COVID crisis.

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Front Office System

Derivium Tradition Front Office System is meant for Derivium's internal use to automate the front office activities once the deal is finalized. This is developed in ASP.Net with C#, Oracle 9, AJAX and IIS Server. The front office system is integrated with the back office system using a common database to achieve straight through processing of fixed-income deals.

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Rent Paid Online

This is a web based system to pay rent which brings a whole new approach to the way rent payments are made as well as how those payments are processed. This system allows tenants (residents) to pay their monthly rent online.

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Back Office System for MF/IPO distributors

Harrier developed the Back Office Software System(BOSS) that interoperates with existing applications using part of the data from the existing databases of Mutual Fund Portfolio Tracker and Wealth tracker applications while maintaining its own database for other client-specific data, using the 'linked tables'.

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Stocks Options Strategies

In the Stock trading world, the investor uses certain "Options strategies" to get better predictions of the stock. The main requirement was to develop an iPhone application for quick stock calculations as per these strategies using the current stock price and represent the data in tabular and graphic format for better analysis.

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Equity Research

Harrier helped a leading, India-based global market research organization achieve dynamic delivery of research reports and content in shorter durations, leading to better customer experience. We used a web based, freely distributable and secured system with capability to automatically update itself with latest research reports.

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