Ethos Success Story

The Client:

Ethos is an Australia-based company providing best practice outsourced solutions for managing employee wellness and engagement initiatives.


Work-Life-ConnectTM (WLC) is the flagship program which supports organizations in fostering engaging cultures that actively promote positive health, wellbeing and social values amongst staff. Built around a white-labeled web application, the Work-Life-Connect solution incorporates a range of online and offline mechanisms to engage with staff, maintain control over company culture and streamline the coordination of health-promoting and social activities.

With a strong focus on continuous reporting, Ethos can demonstrate enhanced business KPIs and positive ROI to its customers.


Harrier developed a MVC based platform having following features.

  • Integration with Withings API to collect measurement and activity data.
  • Automated real time group average calculations.
  • Three different user roles having access to different work areas.
  • Ability to System Admin to switch to organization location specific view.

Key Features:

  • Automated data pulling from Withings.
  • Complex real time group calculations and averages.
  • Provision to admin to associate Users to different locations and interest areas and accordingly publish information material to targeted users.

Major Challenges:

  • Integration of Withings API was one of the major challenges. Withings API uses oAuth v1 for request signing with hmac-sha1 hashing algorithm.
  • Organization location specific view to System Admin.

Technology Environment:

MongoDB, ASP.Net MVC, C#, HTML/CSS, IIS 7.0, AJAX, JavaScript, Jquery