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MyEclone (ITC) Documents Scanning App Success Story

MyEclone (ITC) Documents Scanning App Success Story


Project Requirements:

According to the client, it will get difficult to track every IDs or documents at once. So when a person updates their personal information they won't have a complete track that which document or ID card get affected or need to change.

Project Solution:

MyEclone let you scan and manage your documents and ID cards. But the user has to validate themself. They can validate themself by updating their profile through scanning one of their PAN Card, Driving Licence and Aadhar Card. If user profile information is matched with their ID Card then they will be marked as validated and they can prove it by showing the validation flags in MyEclone App. User has an option that if they don't want their ID cards stored in other than their own storage then they have the option to change the storage location and also other than validation this will help the user to keep track of each ID card. It will notify the user when they change any key information it will notify them an impacted Documents and ID cards. It will also work as an ID Card wallet. Its supports PAN Card, Driving Licence, Aadhaar Card from INDIA and Driving Licence from CANADA. But they can also scan other documents.

Key Features:

User can scan them any document and save them to cloud. It will help the user to manage their documents and ID's

If the user updates their key info (such as name, address, etc.) then he will get notification of the impacted document.

It will help the user to track their impacted documents or IDs

It will scan the ID's and document and extract all the key information.

Its support a PAN Card, Driving licence, Aadhaar card from India and Driving Licence from Canada.

It will also notify the user when any ID or documents is going to expire.

It will give you a choice that you can save your documents on any locations (Available locations: App Cloud, Google Drive, One Drive, Local Storage)

More secure with Multifactor Authentication.

User can set PIN, pattern, fingerprint.

The Solution Architecture

Please find the attached AWS Architect and Dataflow diagram below.

Technology Environment:

The following is the technology stack used in this project

Front end technology stack:

React Native (V 62.0)

AWS Textract

Back end technology stack:

Nest Js.




JSON Web Token



Challenges & Solutions 

To overcome the above problem we have developed a solution where a user has to scan their ID document (like PAN Card, Driving Licence, Aadhaar Card) to update their profile information. When a user updates their profile through scanning ID Document we are making it a verified user.

So after that user now can scan and save other documents and ID cards in the application like ID Wallet and we are extracting the text from the ID card and saving it in encrypted format in the database. So when a user updates their profile then a notification sends to them with the list of affected documents and ID cards.


The duration of the project is 8 months

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