Corporate Governance Score Dashboard Success Story

Corporate Governance Score Dashboard

The Client:

A Leading Corporate Governance And Proxy Advisory Firm in India


The Corporate Governance (CG) dashboard provides objective scoring of corporate governance practices of numerous Indian listed companies based on various parameters defined by client. Users subscribe to dashboards to access it.


Harrier developed web-based solution with optimization for large datasets while processing the file and displays the data for comparison of various parameters in different conditions. We overcome this challenge with optimized database queries and normalized database design.

Key Features:

  • Analysis of parameters on company level: Analysis of the company on the basis of corporate governance and details of different level which are used to calculate the score.
  • Portfolio Analysis: graphical representation of different parameters after analysing the parameters of each company for the complete portfolio. Displaying last four modified and updated company data for both company and portfolio.
  • Compare: Facility to compare all the data on the basis of different portfolio categories, companies, indices and industries.

Technology Environment:

ASP.Net Framework 4.5.1, MVC 4, SQL Server 2008