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Career for College Students & Freshers

Career Arc at Harrier!

A self-managed learning program for a self-reliant career.

What is Career Arc?

A career arc is a transformational change you go through in your career. From your college days to your professional career, from a student to a Software Engineer, from a fresher to a Digital Partner and many more.

What to do in Career Arc?

As India is becoming "Self-reliant", your career also must be "self-reliant" to get the opportunity at Harrier or anywhere and this can be achieved by undergoing a highly customised, well-structured, and self-propelled career program suggested below:

  1. It is essential, irrespective of your educational background, that you must possess or develop the qualities like logical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, initiative-taking and self-learning combined with teamwork, communication, leadership potential, etc.

  2. Once your base is strong, you must be well-versed with fundamental concepts like OOPS, Database, Networking, Secure Coding, Agile, Git, etc.

  3. Start learning the suggestive pieces of training as per your tech stack. You are free to choose any other training sources. See the list in the table on right side.

  4. Expand your Career Arc by implementing the learning- you shall be able to do the coding to build any project having CRUD functions in the programming tech stack/language you have chosen.

What I will get after completing the Career Arc?

An opportunity to apply at Harrier - Watch it at : https://youtu.be/Dd61sOubD4w

Note: Please note that we are not a training/education institution and this initiative requires a self-learning attitude for your self-reliant career!
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