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Global Indian International School

Global Indian International School


Global Indian International School (GIIS), Singapore


To create bus transportation system on android application which is currently on the web based ERP platform. GIIS have their own site working on ERP system. They want Android application with the same user interface, so that it will not be difficult for users to use same user interface even in android application.


Harrier developed the solution as an Android app which they will use to pull and push the data from/to the existing ERP system using Web services.

Key Features:

Entire Bus Management: Transport Manager has authority to view, edit, and update all the details related to bus transportation. A single interface is available to view all AM (pickup) or PM (drop up) buses. This allows changing routes, comments, enter pickup or drop-up timings, changing Bus allocated to the route, and an option to send SMS/Email.

Real time student attendance: Marking attendance in the bus. Details of students for particular route, Change route (Viewable).

Real time bus/student tracking: Parents of students can view and track their wards boarding/alighting the bus, bus route. Track the bus for a particular time frame.

Language support: English, Chinese, Malay language support provided as per the target users.

Major Challenges and Solutions:

Integrating the Android App with the existing ERP based web services was the major challenge. Using the web services, the Android app is able to fetch all the required details from the existing web application.

Technology Environment:

Android 2.1 and above, SOAP web services

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