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AWS Cloud Services

Cloud Infrastructure Migration & Management Services

Harrier is an AWS solutions partner and offers end-to-end cloud infrastructure management services. We have a team of AWS certified solution architects to take care of clients’ digital infrastructure on AWS. We have expertise in reducing AWS cost for clients leveraging various tools and strategies we have mastered over time.

We have a service offering called Total IT Outsourcing (TITO) where we take care of the entire digital stack for an organization from infrastructure management to applications development and maintenance, including digital marketing solutions once the system is launched in the public domain. Many of our clients rely on us as their strategic digital partner, to help them focus on, and grow their own business.

Why Harrier for Cloud Infrastructure Solutions:

With a team of certified team members, Harrier helps several clients with cloud infrastructure, hosting and cost optimization services, leading to better profitability for these clients. We shall be delighted to help improve your profitability too with these services.

AWS Cloud Services

We shall be happy to assist customers leverage the cloud infrastructure to their advantage while lowering the cost of ownership of IT systems, with more secured and scalable infrastructure.Amazon Web Services (AWS) pioneered cloud service globally and is one of the broadest and deep cloud infrastructure available today. There are many advantages of hosting applications on cloud, like security, on demand scalability, virtualization and lower cost.

Harrier has deployed several web-based and mobile apps on AWS using various services offered by AWS. We extensively use and recommend AWS as hosting infrastructure for staging, production and disaster recovery environments. We use AWS across various geographies and availability zones. We use and manage following AWS services for various clients and applications while constantly evaluating opportunities to leverage other services on the AWS cloud.

Migration to cloud

Harrier enables easy and reliable migration of any type of application with AWS as our cloud partner. This helps you to transition your business into a digital enterprise. Transition affects your business and we ensure its growth.

Infrastructure migration:

Data Migration to cloud:

Seamless Application Migration:

Cloud-native capabilities:


Managed Cloud Services

Our association with you continues even after successfully assisting you with cloud migration services. We further assure the observation and management of your cloud model with Harrier’s virtual NOC monitoring, ensuring business continuity necessary in a volatile business environment.

icon-img-1 Amazon Web Services:

icon-img-2 IT Architecture Consulting:

icon-img-3 IT Maintenance Services:

Key Points:

Category AWS Service Use/Purpose Used in
Application Integration SNS managed pub/sub messaging for microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications OmniDoctor, Lifecycle Health
Compute EC2 Secure and resizable compute capacity in the cloud Lifecycle Health, OmniDoctor, Stepathlon, GovEVA
Lambda Run code without servers. Pay only for the compute time you consume. Lifecycle Health
Customer Engagement Pinpoint Understand and engage your customers by sending them personalized, timely, and relevant communications through multiple channels. Lifecycle Health
SES Flexible, affordable, and highly-scalable email sending and receiving service for businesses and developers Stepathlon
Database ElastiCache Managed in-memory data store, compatible with Redis or Memcached.  Power real-time applications with sub-millisecond latency. Stepathlon
Managed Cassandra Service Scalable, highly available & managed Apache Cassandra–compatible DB service Stepathlon
RDS Set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud with a few clicks. Lifecycle Health, OmniDoctor, Stepathlon
Developer tools DeviceFarm Test Android, iOS and web apps on real devices on the cloud All mobile projects
Mgmt & Governance CloudWatch Observability of your AWS resources and applications on AWS and on-premises All projects on AWS (Stepathlon)
CloudTrail Track user activity and API usage All projects on AWS (OmniDoctor, Stepathlon, GovEVA)
Networking & Content Delivery CloudFront Global CDN Stepathlon
ELB Distribute incoming traffic across multiple targets Stepathlon, OmniDoctor
Security, ID & Compliance Security Hub Unified security & Compliance  centre All projects on AWS
SSO Cloud SSO Service Lifecycle Health
Storage S3 Scalable Storage in the cloud All projects on AWS (Lifecycle Health, OmniDoctor, Stepathlon, GovEVA)
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